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liquid fingers


green, green wings of the berry bird born with seven bones deformed
ceases rotation of it's swollen neck (in order to) burst its brains in compulsive defect
picking at the stimulated seed so deep far in the winter ripened soil
tears spit sweat . sex drug breath . contact surrender control..
god doesn't understand me, he delves vulnerability out of me in spurratic eqations
the abusive father of scientists. the side case to the ultimate experiment
novels and poetry about astrological star signs and compatibility
point their dicks in narrowed analysis fatalistically deformed into angelicritique
self drawn awareness arms suck smoke from my throat and wrap my teeth
around the fingernail's dirt ditch containing the remainder of hospitalized skin cells
and heels above my head females like me get off to his rawNasty smells
as if i should feel guilty for knowing how to arouse my body
or even feel guilty for enjoying someone who's learning how to please me
properly. so slow: the slowness of slow slowed in hard
thrusting joint strained knuckles and tight palms unarm
me. disassemble me and my puerile pieces of ankles chins
and wrists. all is over, all is over at the 20 minute to midnight kiss.

And by the way:

what does insect sex smell like?
pathetically swimming in the beige flood
of evening butterflies performing the hunt-
and-seize ritual, beautiful nocturnal air bugs
smoking exfoliated lines of light
drawn to the warmth of my cunt
moaning ejaculation in visual gas
molecules of fly sperm wiggling on my tongue
tastes like maggots and cum. like butter and gum.
3 doses of sugar coated sperm!
.....yuck or yum?


does he get it?

it depends on what color my rollerblades are.

as we skate down the sand
my hands will twist your midnight blue shirt around my thumbs
would you let me cut off my tongue?

what about caterpillars and the soft sensation of the process before maturation
do green legs and fuzzy heads intimidate you?

you're inside me, what now?
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