soon it's going to rain and my roses will drown (lagarto_doce) wrote,
soon it's going to rain and my roses will drown


caracollective: how long will it take this single
monkey brain
to write some poetry
if I cannot spare a thousand years
and have but one typewriter

iamado r r r k: dude go away

caracollective: I'm sorry, it would be much appreciated if you were nice sometimes.

caracollective: obviously not, you're only out for yourself and any hedonistic adventure that will feed your ego

caracollective: some do art for others, some art art themselves, thou art what?

caracollective: life is merely inspiration... the average person grabs an aspiring for a headache, the writer grabs a pen, the artist his brush and the musician his notes

caracollective: and i am juggling all three

caracollective: happily

iamado r r r k: haha

caracollective: whereas simple minds delight only in the juggling, i delight in that which i embrace beyond that

iamado r r r k: i dont fucking care, why are u telling me

iamado r r r k: justify yourself by yourself

iamado r r r k: u dont know your audience

caracollective: because im writing right (write) now. and i am merely using this window as a window to embellish what i see through that same window. the glass also helps reflect

iamado r r r k: why the fuck are u talking to me like that, stop trying to prove yourself right now

iamado r r r k: GO AWAY

caracollective: nothing to prove

iamado r r r k: GO THE FUCK AWAY

iamado r r r k: go away

caracollective: i dont seek to get anywehre in life, but where i am ... i may be moving but my destination is always the same spot. the same point is where i want to be. it doesnt much matter being anywhere else or where you are going.

iamado r r r k: yeah. u stagnant bitch.
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XD HAHAHA what the fuck. not surprised at him
but surprised at you XD
let's egg him as he's walking down the street because thatll make us SO cool for picking on others. because you have to be a NAsty person to pick on others for no reason. or laugh. like laughing at blind people. laugh at blind people, laugh at that barfoot hippy with the charango.

because artists and musicians and TRUE writers have to be fucking antisocial purposefully eccentric yet compassionate fucking bums
yea, i love how you make sense, yet i never understand what you mean.
anyway. i am very uhh... yea... we'll talk later.
it hurts your brain to think so hard?
it hurts even worse when you avoid the 'hurt'. yeahyeah?
it aint PAIN man, it's opening yo MIIIIND.

we WILL talk in the future!
ew who is that
i'm so glad you don't like him anymore. i really. really. didn't like what i knew of him. at all.
dude! i want u to meet my boyfriend trevin! he's the cooolest and it's possible to actually like him because he's a normal human being but not normal as well in that he's strangely cooler than everyone else... inevitably... ;D
oh. i didn't know that