soon it's going to rain and my roses will drown (lagarto_doce) wrote,
soon it's going to rain and my roses will drown

A poem for Trevin


black meaty discolored dog dick slabbed and fried in a yellow pan of greese

morning plaque and discharge spread around a cow's plump tender nipple

the cow produces milk in chunks of curd with the farmer's lubricated fingers

half excited, half aroused.

tender flesh flapping in the wind like a flag, but more like a dangling soft dick.

of a 5 year old.

pregnant mother bonsai's face down on her infant, causing suffocation and hearing loss.

13 year old girl discovers a change in her breasts, excited she shows her best friend,

who immediately grows jealous at the sight of their swelling

who immediately grabs a pair of scissors

and gouges at her cunt.

17 year old girl being raped by her chinese father...

they orgasm together, incredible-sublime-surreal, they fall asleep in each other's arms, smiling

mother comes home to her dog urinating on her dildo

she masturbates with it in a room with a mattress and a ceiling fan

videotapes it, and mails it to her boss on valentine's day.

she gets the raise.
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