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bullshit situation, at least i can laugh!

ohh i love her- that seran wrapping feminist celebrating backs,
that stupid identity uniform you wear makes me laugh
she gives out collectible stamps entitled "BFF"
and never mails any letters.

she writes people letters and never delivers.
she tells people she writes them letters that she'll never deliver
one would wonder if she even had anything inside those pages at all.

i fucked the drunk you and of course you started crying, of course.
i'm beginning to genuinely dislike you, you introduced me to
writing about cyclical concepts, never thought you'd mentally operate
like a fucking child.

it seems that you were a pebble i carried along to glance at in vain.
throw rocks out onto shore and cover your pain with save the earth t-shirts
self indulgence wept in my ear to that redundant indie rock once more
that her library book porno and breathe patterns are expected
and you predictably play this role.
i'm just the asian playing at piano recitals, why exactly did you befriend me?
ethnicity? jealousy? dependency? reciproci---wait that never happened.
glance inside the bathroom of removing the skin from your fingernails
from scraping your feet in the shower, tearing away your:
accepted cool-yet-awkward hipsters who can't quite function, she belongs
of course you sympathize, your identity is more definable
you belong.
baby baby baby, its your youniverse.

The End.
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